Motorcade for a president, not a pop princess |

Motorcade for a president, not a pop princess

Dear Editor:My friend Peter and I were driving into town today (Friday, Sept. 15) around noon from the airport when our lane of traffic was halted. We noticed the Castle Creek bridge was blocked off for east bound traffic. Out of nowhere comes 10 or 15 state motorcycle police with lights a flashing, then eight to 10 local , state and county cop cars, they were followed by an assortment of six or seven black Suburbans, Mercedes Benzs and others, after that were another six or seven assorted cop cars with an ambulance bringing up the rear.I’ve seen many a motorcade coming and going from Aspen with different presidents and the like but never anything of this magnitude.Later on we found out later it was the President of Iraq and to be truthful I was a little bit disappointed, I thought Mariah Carey was back in town.Don DixonAspen

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