More wintertime music |

More wintertime music

Justin Theodore Moore

Having the band Offspring in downtown Aspen is a welcome change. This is an idea that should be taken a bit further. If Aspen can have a huge music festival in the summer, I think it can have one in the winter as well.

I think Aspen needs a real winter music venue. The streets of Aspen might work out all right or they might not. I believe Aspen needs a big indoor venue where multiple bands could come and play. Let’s expand and have more than one group. What about Will Smith, Eminem, Outkast, No Doubt, Brittney Spears, etc.

The X Games draws a different group of people. Aspen caters to other groups, crowds and genres of people. Why not cater to a younger, more hip crowd? I believe it might have something to do with the older, wealthier contingency in Aspen. This needs to change. Aspen needs to change. Let’s eXperience change.