More to wellness than organic rice |

More to wellness than organic rice

Stewart Oksenhorn

In the classic “Sleeper,” Woody Allen’s character, Miles Monroe, wakes from a 200-year state of suspended animation, and is told that everyone he knew is dead.”But that they all ate organic rice!” Allen protests, with a scrunched-up face. The implication is that not only did his friends die, but that their healthful ways were all in vain; they could have been eating hot fudge sundaes. (Which, by the way, doctors in the year 2173 have discovered is one of the best things for you, according to Allen’s film.)”Sleeper,” however, dates back to 1973, when good health was seen as a compromise between what you really wanted and what you thought was good for you. Flash ahead to 2006, and the Snowmass Wellness Experience, and that notion is turned on its head.The third annual event opens tonight, with Swing Into Wellness by Vitamin Cottage, featuring an all-organic dinner. Organic rice doesn’t get a mention on the 12-course menu, but with such dishes as wild halibut in sorrel pesto, and blood orange and tarragon glaze, Andalusian golden gazpacho and a white chocolate raspberry fondue, is probably won’t be missed. Herbal teas will be available – but so will a full flight of organic wines. The party is capped by dancing to the music of Fraga, a 10-piece Latin-tinged big band.The Wellness Experience continues Saturday and Sunday with an array of cooking demonstrations, bike rides and lectures on health and spirituality. The array of yoga practices offered – Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, restorative, integrative – is topped by a form that puts the final nail in the idea that good health and indulgence are incompatible: Each day ends with David Ronamilli’s Yoga and Chocolate session, combining yoga with chocolate bars and truffles.”Part of being a truly healthy human being, by whatever standard you define that, is happiness,” said Josh Behrman, the events coordinator for Snowmass Village and a regular yoga practitioner, who has eating a vegan diet for 15 years. “We’re kicking off with dance and music, which are good for the spirit. Things can be good for you – and taste good.”Saturday and Sunday both offer a full day’s worth of events. Among the highlights are a talk by Chris Carmichael, best known as Lance Armstrong’s trainer; cooking demonstrations by Cat Cora, who is on the cover of the current issue of Bon Appetit magazine; a lecture by Hale Dwoskin, founder of the Sedona Training Method; and local chef Dava Parr, who will share her expertise in cooking with fresh, natural ingredients. There will also be demonstrations on altitude fitness, spiritual healing, a raw food diet, sleeping well and Pilates.Wellness not only can taste and feel good, it can be affordable as well. Admission to each day of the Wellness Experience is $25, which permits participation in all of the activities – and is, as Behrman notes, less than one might pay for any of the individual events if they were offered outside the Wellness Experience. And early arrivals will be greeted with a Body & Soul goodie bag.Stewart Oksenhorn’s e-mail address is