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Dear Editor:

Re: “What life is like for the people of Gaza,” Jan. 8.

If the Israeli occupation were half as brutal as the Palestinians allege, they surely would have done everything in their power to ensure that Israel did not reoccupy Gaza after leaving it unilaterally. Instead the Palestinians did everything they could to make sure that Israel did reoccupy. This is not the first time that Israel has left territory only to return in response to Palestinian terror. Clearly the Palestinians have something to gain by being an occupied nation.

So what brings about this illogical situation? Do the Palestinians favor victimhood in the eyes of the world, combined with the excuse to continue the conflict in the guise of “resistance,” more than they desire the end of the occupation? How twisted.

The ones who benefit most from the end of occupation are the Israelis. Israelis honestly have better things to do than see the conflict continue ” Israel has a successful economy and, for such a small country, excels in the fields of technology, medical research and much more. The Israelis don’t want to see young lives wasted in the army and continued conflict. Admittedly Israel is back in Gaza ” having reluctantly reached the conclusion that the time had come to do something about Hamas’ attacks.

Again, given the world view of the conflict, it once again appears illogical to claim that Israelis may want the end of occupation more than the Palestinians. However, how else can anyone explain Israel’s unilateral decision to end the occupation of Gaza? I can’t imagine most “brutal occupiers” choosing to end an occupation willingly when they have the military might to continue. Seems that not everything is at it first appears when it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict …

Michelle Moshelian

Givatayim, Israel

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