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More to the story

Dear Editor:

I was surprised to read that Aspen’s City Council is still denying access to the digital images of ballots. As a political science major, I find the whole Instant Runoff concept fascinating and possibly a wonderful direction.

I expected that after the political posturing – “We will protect the privacy of voters” – common sense would prevail. I mean really – no one signs their ballot. I have never been tempted to scratch my initials. The poll judges tear the identifying “number” off when we put our ballots into the locked-and-sealed box. Are they afraid of bubble analysis or traces of fingerprints? Come on!

This denial is so far-fetched that I am starting to wonder: What is council hiding? I watched Grassroots’ Web cast last night, and the mayor’s attack on the Election Commission – particularly Democrat Chris Bryan – screamed there is more to this.

Shellie Roy


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