More to story in CMC flap |

More to story in CMC flap

Dear Editor:

I would like to voice my opinion regarding the Colorado Mountain College discrimination accusation, though I doubt you will print this.

It seems nothing pro-CMC has been out there. I am appalled at the community for jumping to conclusions without hearing both sides of the issue. Has everyone forgotten all that CMC does for this community, from Rifle to Aspen? There are jobs created, creative arts brought in, donations made, scholarships given, partnerships with community projects and businesses, and at least half of you or your kids have taken classes either through the high schools, online or at one of the campuses.

But just like that, everyone immediately condemns them. What happened to the American value of “innocent till proven guilty”? Which I am very confident will not be proven in this case. How would each and every one of you feel if you were accused of something, all the facts were not revealed and only the opinions of one side, and you were bound by confidentiality and privacy rules and unable to defend yourself?

Have the Seidemans given CMC authorization to release information so they can tell their side? Many of you have dealt with or know these individuals, and if you really believe they are capable of this type of action there is something definitely wrong with this community, and I for one do not want to be a part of it. This reminds me of an old Western movie where the mob is out for an “old fashioned lynching”!

I have a grandchild who has some learning problems and has worked with Ann Moll. She is more than helpful. Yes, there are “hoops” to jump through, but that is federal guidelines and out of CMC’s control. The student must be tested or have medical certification to receive certain help. CMC has been more than accommodating with separate testing, proctored testing, and even going so far as to make audio textbooks to help with the reading comprehension. That student is doing great and succeeding with their help.

I implore all of you that feel as I do to voice your opinions. Don’t let these innocent people be victimized and their good names dragged through the mud without a just hearing. In my opinion, CMC has been demonized. Until all the facts can be ascertained, let’s all calm down, stop assuming, let the process proceed, and let these individuals do what they do best – help and teach our students!

Alice Lance


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