More than an annoyance |

More than an annoyance

Dear Editor:

I am a new resident on Lower River Road outside Woody Creek, and what began as an annoyance has quickly developed into an all-out safety hazard. Lower River Road is the only way I can get to my home and, unbeknownst to me, is also an apparent training leg for the Tour de France.

The road has no shoulder or bike lane but is wrought with bicyclists who are going as fast as they can but still manage to slow traffic to a crawl at all times of the day, and I’m concerned about coming around a corner and gaining a new hood ornament in the shape of a Schwinn.

I am a bicyclist. I get it. Bicycle trails can be dangerous to “real” cyclists, and the roads are much more fun. But Lower River Road runs parallel to the Rio Grande Trail, an ideal path for cyclists, joggers, walkers and purveyors of beauty. The road is for motorized vehicles, and the trail is for cyclists and pedestrian traffic, period. The argument is that pedestrian traffic on the trail has pushed cyclists to the road – but where will that push vehicles? Somebody has to give.

Yes, every cyclist has the “right” to cycle on the road, but shouldn’t one’s rights end where another’s are violated? I witnessed a near-fistfight in front of my home over this matter, and it’s really quite simple: Stick to the trail, and slow down when you should, or get to a road with a bicycle lane or shoulder.

Please and thank you.

Sabrina Stratford

Woody Creek

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