More than a sound bite |

More than a sound bite

Dear Editor:

Kudos and huge props to 23-year-old Jordan White for so soulfully skiing all 54 of Colorado’s 14ers, as was well-reported in The Aspen Times Weekly on May 17.

Given that he grew up amidst the hype of the X Games and Red Bull generation, it is astonishing to see someone his age accomplish something so wonderful while maintaining such a rare and modest demeanor.

Clearly his supportive, enthusiastic and capable parents had much to do with his development as a mountaineer and as a person. His musician father must have had the heart of a bluesman, for having effectively taught his son that the silence in music, what you don’t play, is just as important as the notes you do play. It’s becoming increasingly rare in media spotlights to hear someone speaking organically from the heart, rather than issuing camera-ready responses or dollar-guided cliches in order to fuel sponsorships in a twitterfied world.

Thanks for reminding all of us, Jordan, that when a tree falls in an otherwise quiet forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, it still makes a BIG damn sound. All the best to you in your future endeavors.

David Frank

Aspen Paragliding