More swastikas discovered at Aspen housing development |

More swastikas discovered at Aspen housing development

A brown chalk drawing of three swastikas on the wall of the bus stop at Burlingame discovered Wednesday.

Aspen police discovered more swastikas Wednesday in the same general area they were found last weekend, an officer said Thursday.

Three more swastikas were discovered, this time on the wall of a bus stop at the Burlingame development, said Aspen police Officer Seth DelGrasso. The swastikas were drawn in brown chalk and appeared to have been scribbled out with the same color chalk, he said.

Nearby was another piece of graffiti in white chalk that said "Miami Heat," though DelGrasso didn't know if the two were related.

"They appeared to be childish," he said. "They did not appear to be menacing, though the subject content is very offensive. It seems like kids."

Officers said the same thing about swastikas found spray-painted Sunday on playground equipment at Harmony Park, which is located at the Burlingame development near the bus stop. The Nazi symbols were accompanied by other black spray-painted vandalism, including "666" and an upside down cross with "RIP" painted beneath it.

A local Jewish woman, who was at the playground Sunday with her 7-year-old daughter, reported the graffiti, and told police and The Aspen Times she was very upset by it.

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DelGrasso was unsure Thursday if the bus stop swastikas were the work of someone copycatting the previous swastikas, or whether they were there before and no one noticed.

The newly discovered swastikas were drawn in a box that had been sectioned off into four quadrants, DelGrasso said. Three of the four quadrants appeared to contain one of the Nazi Party symbols, he said.

DelGrasso didn't know if police had discovered any leads about who might be responsible for Sunday's vandalism. He said police will continue to investigate both incidents.

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