More shameful than Vietnam |

More shameful than Vietnam

Dear Editor:All Americans should have watched the recent CNN show revealing the horrendous failures of the CIA’s intelligence regarding the al-Qaida terrorists and their connection to Iraq and their development of the so-called WMDs (W of Mis-Direction).Many good CIA members and David Kays, after thorough investigation, did not find enough convincing evidence that WMDs were there, nor that Osama had significant connection to Saddam. But every time they tried to persuade our administration to hold off, they got silenced by W, Dicky, Karly, Condi, Rummy and Tenet.I am a patriotic American, but I am more ashamed of our country’s leaders now than I was back in the Vietnam era. I served there as a medical doctor from 1968-69 and took care of many of our sick and wounded soldiers, as well as some Vietnamese and Montagnard civilians. The pain and suffering they endured eventually angered me at our administration’s unwise decision to go in there and stop the “domino effect.”My anger is worse today. In October 2002, I wrote to our Indiana senators asking them to try to talk down the plan to invade Iraq – that it would result in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and validate the hatred harbored for our country by militant Muslims. But they, and the majority of our people, got “Bushwhacked” by our leaders who had no deep understanding of the complexities of the Iraqi civilization or how to handle the restoration after this “mission accomplished.” In my opinion, W should be impeached (with Cheney), put in jail with Saddam and made to play “strip poker.” Then maybe we can have a chance to rebuild this wonderful nation that the American people want to be proud of.Kerry NewmanAspen

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