More performance space is needed |

More performance space is needed

Dear Editor:

We were happy to see that the City Council has given unanimous approval to the possible expansion of the Wheeler Opera House, including rehearsal halls and an additional smaller theater (“Applause for Wheeler idea,” Jan. 30). One thing that is lacking here in Aspen is available space for the performing arts ” especially the smaller, local, resident arts groups that are struggling to find affordable venues in which to present their high-quality productions.

Kent Reed, of the Hudson Reed Ensemble (resident acting troupe), gave a very articulate, impassioned request that these community groups also be included in use of any expansion of rehearsal and smaller performance space last night. We just want to add our two cents worth to that idea and start the applause now for these very talented local folks who shouldn’t be overlooked here in Aspen.

As with any expansion and new construction here in town, we only hope we don’t lose too much of the open space/park feeling of that adjacent lot, and that historic preservation of the Wheeler Opera House is of the utmost importance.

Ricki Smith Newman and Kerry Newman


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