More people impacted by tax overpayments than residents

Did anyone see the article in the paper about the surveys being sent to current residents in Basalt about the overpayment of residential and commercial taxes? Does anyone else find it wrong that only current residents can offer their thoughts on this issue that has spanned years and years? These current residents do not even need to own property! Simply reside in Basalt for however long whether it be a month or a year does not matter — or even if they will move at the end of ski season. If they are a resident now, they get to say what is done with the overpayments. Basalt property owners (commercial or residential) who might live in say Aspen or Carbondale or anywhere else for that matter — that have overpaid taxes for all these years — do not get to voice their opinions in a manner that the town will consider. People who have overpaid and since sold their investments cannot voice their opinions in a manner that the town will listen to. Do you know the only way to stay on top of this issue is to remember to check daily to access a website link to download an agenda? Can you imagine the town has not sent letters or emails to current owners of residential or commercial properties to extend a conversation other than the first declaration and follow up saying they want to put it to a vote to current residents? What do you think about stopping the tobacco tax so as not to get into trouble with TABOR again yet not have the funds to refund the overpaid taxes already in the the bank? What are your thoughts? Do you live in Basalt proper because only you can make a difference. Apparently, no one else matters!

Shae Singer