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More on the Middle East

Dear Editor:

Dorothy Naor, an American who emigrated to Israel many years ago, wrote a letter (“The plight of Israeli Arabs,” Feb. 10, letters to the editor, The Aspen Times) to correct inaccuracies in Jacob Amir’s earlier letter (“Israel’s right to defend,” Jan. 29, letters to the editor, The Aspen Times). Let me take this opportunity to go over the inaccuracies in her letter.

The right of Jews from all over the world to emigrate to Israel and become citizens is not a right of Israeli citizens, rather it is a right of Jews all over the world. Israel is a Jewish state; would it make any sense to grant that right to any other ethnic or religious group?

She goes on to say that Arabs may not live on land owned by the Jewish Fund. I do not know what the Jewish Fund is since I find no reference to it anywhere. However, assuming it is a private or nonprofit organization, they would certainly have the right to do anything they choose with any land they might own.

In addition she incorrectly calls the partial blockade of Gaza a siege, which of course it is not, and she likens it to a missile barrage. I tend to believe anyone experiencing a missile barrage would know the difference. As far as the Saudi peace proposal goes, most factions of Hamas have rejected it so what kind of a peace would that be. And why should Israel be enthusiastic about a cease fire that would give Hamas the opportunity to freely re-arm and then continue with their avowed goal of destroying Israel.

Mrs. Naor is an advocate for peace in the Middle East, which is certainly a noble and desirable goal. However, “peace at any price” has proven time and time again to be an illusory peace with the price being too high and the peace being too ephemeral. Peace at a price that both sides are prepared to pay should be the real goal.

Buster Feldman


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