More of the same? |

More of the same?

Dear Editor:

Hockey Mom? What the puck?

Watching Sarah “Hockey Mom” Palin last night, I couldn’t help but be surprised (and frankly, a little frightened). She definitely carries personality appeal with her presence, her demeanor and that “I’m so cute” accent she uses. She is that lovable neighbor you wanna have a wine cooler with, that neighbor who you trade sleepovers with to have a date with your spouse, the neighbor who stands in the middle of the cul-de-sac with you talking about the new school principal and whose grass is greener. Except, this mom goes to work and governs one of our 50 states. What a story.

I thought, “the Republicans might have a shot with this incredible gamble of a VP pick.” It’s a story that, if framed correctly, could very easily sway independents and undecideds to see past the fact that her policies and beliefs are radically right wing and out of touch with the majority of Americans; the same policies which fall right in line with the fanatics that lifted Bush and Co. to the White House for two horrifying terms.

But instead the big noisy elephants, once again, made a horrible error. They put her out there and turned her into that sarcastic, venomous, upper class, out-of-touch elitist that spouts lies and fabrications to further increase the polarization of our two parties. In other words, the neighbor you can’t stand who sits in your doorway an hour too long, spouting her wacky, negative agenda when you need to put your kids to bed.

Initially I thought the Palin pick was a move to the center. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. They are undoubtedly choosing, once again, to saddle up to the far right and hope they will carry them to victory. When we juxtapose that with Barack Obama, who speaks eloquently about unity and is openly appealing to the full breadth of the American voter, the comparison couldn’t be more stark.

It is a losing strategy and a profound mistake.

The majority of people in this country are camped out in the center. They need jobs, and health care. They need to see their sons and daughters come home from a war that is forcing us to borrow money from the Chinese. They are tired of Washington gridlock, where senators and Congress run around like ants for years in a process that rejects bipartisanship only to achieve a president’s veto.

Yet, none of these issues were touched on Wednesday night. It was business as usual for the Rovian masterminds, who stoke the fires of fear and offer their failed policies as the only safe haven; the same brand of fear mongering and fact-free ignorance that delivered us 30 percent approval ratings for our worst president in U.S. history. This is a mistake that will most certainly secure Sen. Bush McPalin’s defeat.

Yet, this one dark beast of a question keeps sending shivers up my spine, challenging my confidence …

Will we fall for it all over again?

Adam Bartley

El Jebel

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