More marijuana houses possibly opening in Aspen |

More marijuana houses possibly opening in Aspen

Michael McLaughlin
The Aspen Times

A second land-use application to grow marijuana in Pitkin County has been filed with the county’s Community Development department.

The application was received Sept. 12 with a case name of LAFKLC. Ronald Radtke of Green Essentials Medical, LLC, submitted the actual application.

Green Essentials Medical is a medical-marijuana outlet located in Glenwood Springs.

The subject property is located at 2520 Lower River Road in Snowmass. The property is approximately 38.67 acres, located on the northeast side of Highway 82.

The application requests approval for Activity Envelope and Site Plan Review for construction of greenhouse complexes.

According to Lance Clarke, the assistant director for Community Development in Pitkin County, the application from Radtke will be open to public comment at the Nov. 6 Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners meeting.

Clarke also said that once the county was made aware of the application, the information was referred to the Woody Creek Caucus.

“We want to give that caucus a chance to voice their comments and concerns,” Clarke said. “Since the caucus was just last night (Thursday), we haven’t heard any comments yet.”

The property is split into east and west parcels by Lower River Road. According to the proposal, the first two phases of development will occur on the west parcel, which is approximately 8 acres. The proposal calls for the building of 20,000 square feet of greenhouse and additional accessory sheds, grading, roads, utilities and access.

The remaining property on the east parcel consists of approximately 30.5 acres. The third phase of development will occupy the southern portion of the eastern parcel, where the applicant proposes an additional 20,000 square feet of greenhouses and the needed sheds, grading, roads and utilities.

The west parcel of the property includes an existing three-story house, as well as a caretakers unit, with a garage, a detached carport and a shed. The application states that those existing units will remain on the property.

The three-story house will be used to house the future property manager of the agricultural operation.

A pair of driveways off of Lower River Road gives access to the 38 acres. The Roaring Fork River runs through the southwest portion of the property with approximately 700 feet of river frontage. Since the Roaring Fork River runs through the property, any future development must remain outside of the designated 100-year floodplain, as well as maintain a 100-foot setback from the river’s high-water line.

The size of the proposed greenhouses require that this agricultural space must be reviewed through the “Flexibility for Agricultural Support” section of the Pitkin County Land Use Code.


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