More Lemonade Day follow-up |

More Lemonade Day follow-up

Dear Editor:

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to the success of Lemonade Day. From Glenwood Springs to Aspen, 373 children signed up to participate in the first ever Lemonade Day in the Roaring Fork Valley, presented by the Buddy Program. On its behalf, we’d like to extend a generous thank-you to the supporters and sponsors who made it all possible.

Our bank sponsor, Alpine Bank, agreed to donate the first $5 into all new bank accounts opened by the youth, and Clark’s Market gave 30-percent-off coupons for supplies. As the title sponsors, Nancy and Richard Rogers and Mary Kay Inc., gave us the support to bring this uplifting program to so many children in our valley.

We hope you will follow us at While there, please “like” our page.

In response to Kim Knol’s letter to the editor, we invite everybody to our Facebook page to check out a video of the hardworking entrepreneurial kids at the Log Cabin stand raising funds for Gus the Bus. We are so inspired by children raising funds to help other kids and hope you enjoy the video we created.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for video releases from our valley’s hardworking youth in action during Lemonade Day.

Heather Hicks


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