More government over-regulating

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Daily News article, March 15, was about Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack saying Monday that farmers should not be overly concerned that new federal air regulations will hurt their livelihood.

Baloney, not only will it take another tens of thousands of federal dust inspectors to police all the farmers in our 50 states, dust inspectors are complete opposites of our farmers who get up at 4 in the morning and actually work. If their fields were dry in the opinion of the federal inspector, they would either not be able to plow or harvest their crops for fear of an arrogant dust inspector giving them a hard time, and probably a fine.

In the same Daily News article, Vilsack said the farmers will set a record in agricultural exports this year. Setting a record will not last long with Vilsack and his inspectors giving our farmers a hard time and preventing them from doing the job they’ve been doing for hundreds of years.

In the last two years, our government has created scores of agencies that are in the way of manufacturing, farming and other businesses and just plain in the way of progress in America, and we have to pay these people.

Every county in the U.S. would have at least one dust inspector to get in the way and bully our farmers and ranchers.

God help America, we are being hog-tied by all kinds of federal and local regulating agencies.

Thomas Daly