More evacuations ordered as 416 fire near Durango expands to 5,000 acres

House-by-house evacuation began at 6 a.m.

Kirk Mitchell
The 416 Fire near Durango continues to grow and more evacuations are ordered. Aspen Fire Chief Rick Balentine is on scene as Engine Boss with Aspen Firefighter's Adrian Augliar, Jacob Arywitz and the department's new wildland firefighter intern Grant Duta.
Rick Balentine/Courtesy photo

La Plata County deputies began knocking on doors in an expanded evacuation area north of Durango early Thursday morning after the 416 wildfire spread to 5,103 acres in southwest Colorado.

A house-by-house mandatory evacuation began at 6 a.m. for homes in the Hermosa area north from Cometti and Mead Lane to the intersection of La Plata County Road 250C and U.S. 550.

There are 598 firefighters and 20 aircraft assigned to the fire.

Northbound U.S. 550 will remain closed Thursday until evacuations are complete, officials reported.

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