More details unveiled about revamped Lift 1A |

More details unveiled about revamped Lift 1A

ASPEN – Developers of a proposed lodge at the base of Lift 1A at Aspen Mountain on Monday presented more detail of their plans to the Aspen City Council, including changes to access, street design and architecture.

Bob Daniel, who represents developers David Wilhelm, Jim Chaffin and Jim Light, provided details of the site plan for the Lift One Lodge, a 114,000-square-foot membership property on the eastern side of South Aspen Street.

The current design provides all vehicular access from South Aspen Street, and access to an underground public parking structure would be located directly across from Juan Street.

Access for guests, members, restaurant patrons and lodge service vehicles to underground parking under the lodge would be located between the upper and lower lodge buildings along South Aspen Street.

The current proposal is for 200 spaces for the lodge, commercial uses and affordable housing. Another 50 spaces would be set aside for the public. The lodge-related spaces would be located under the lodge and Lift One Park, and the public spaces would be located in a portion of the right-of-the-way as well as Willoughby Park.

The cul-de-sac at the top of the street near the chairlift terminal would be expanded onto the Lift One Lodge property to accommodate pedestrians, vehicles and emergency vehicles.

Because South Aspen Street is at a steep grade, it becomes dangerously icy in the winter. Developers plan to snowmelt the road and new walkways.

To minimize environmental impacts, the developers have hired an environmental consulting group to come up with energy efficiencies throughout the project.

Developers say the single most efficient system identified is one that utilizes a ground source heat pump that is linked with a gas boiler.

There are five buildings included in the master plan for the area, which include the Skiers Chalet Steak House, Skier Chalet Lodge and each of the three separate buildings that make up the Lift One Lodge.

Suites would be available in one-eighth shares for residential use. Fractional members have the right to use a suite for 28 nights a year. A total of 216 fractional memberships would be offered in 27 suites.

The free-market units and fractional and mountain memberships provide the capital for the project and the community benefits attached to the project.

Some of those rooms would be released to the public, and developers estimate that between 15 and 20 rooms would be available for nightly rental.

The 27 suites are configured as one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units with the ability to lock off rooms depending on the size of the group. Developers say 90 keys would be available.

“As a community and as an operator we want as many heads on beds as possible,” Daniel said. “We need occupancy in this facility in order to assist our operations.”

There also are five free-market units proposed in the project, as well as 23 affordable housing units and 10 dorms for lodge employees.

There would be a new public restaurant, an apres ski deck, as well as ticketing facilities for the Aspen Skiing Co.

Public ski lockers will be located within the “beer, boots, and brats” restaurant in the relocated Skier’s Chalet Steak House building.

In addition to paying for a new high-speed 1A chairlift that would be 240 feet farther uphill from the current terminal, developers plan to install a 700-foot-long platter lift in a corridor at Dean Street for skier access.

The major issue facing developers is the response by the community and council to the building’s size and height.

Council members next Tuesday, Sept. 22, will take a site visit to the property to gauge the proposed height of the buildings. The site visit will pass by several large buildings in town with various heights marked, and a bucket truck will be used to demonstrate actual heights of the project.

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