More details, please |

More details, please

Dear Editor:

I am pleased that this trail is going to be constructed. Highway 133 is too narrow to safely carry the bicyclists and traffic in the summer. However, I have to wonder at the intelligence of planners that think a 4-inch layer of asphalt with an underlayment of gravel makes sense to put on top of Carbondale’s main water line.

In case you don’t know, the main line from Nettle Creek to Carbondale runs on the East side of Highway 133. Is Pitkin County hoping that there will be no maintenance on this line that would cause the proposed trail to be dug up? Did Pitkin County design the proposed trail so that the line is never covered? Where is the trail going to go once the valley narrows at the B-R-B? If the trail is going to go on the west side there, why not run it on the west side of the highway the entire distance? Please clarify the routing and explain why you are running it where you are.

Sharron Brenner