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More cowbell

Dear Editor:

Recently, I was trying to find the address for my cousin, Craig Chisesi. So naturally, I went to “the window to the world,” the Internet.

I typed in his name and the state of Colorado, the great state in which he lives. I didn’t type the city that he lives in because I wasn’t quite sure where he was living. I thought the Internet would find Craig for me with only his first and last name, there’s only one Craig (thank God).

Anyway, “the window to the world” failed me with the address, but it came up with some rantings with his name attached. This babble went on about some topics seemingly important to him, possibly some other folks in the country.

Now to my point. Craig, your Christmas card will probably be late this year, (again) but keep up the good editorials, in fact we need more from you.

Yes Craig, we need more editorials from you ” they kind of remind me of the Saturday Night Live episode when Christopher Walken said words to the effect of “We need more cowbell.”

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Vincent J. Chisesi


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