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More compassion

Dear Editor:

I am a longtime friend of the Sakin family and share a birthday with Arden Sakin so I was distressed to hear and read about the discrimination at Basalt High School against her due to her physical and learning disabilities.

It is wonderful that the RE-1 is willing to address the broad array of issues under the ADA laws so directly and is going to such lengths, not only to correct some relatively simple problems, but also to train faculty and staff so they are more enlightened to the issues involving full inclusion.

The Sakins’ letter to the editor clearly points out the need for a more compassionate approach to educating. I hope that those in the community who have followed this story will find a way to become more inclusionary in their daily lives and encourage teachers, coaches, directors and others who deal with disabled students every day will be open to a diverse set of needs.

Doris Seidlitz

Pound Ridge, N.Y.

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