More arborcide? |

More arborcide?

Dear Editor,The tree lopper has struck again … this time cutting out two city-owned trees’ root systems. The location … in the right of way on the corner of Galena and Main across from the historic courthouse. It’s still summer yet the leaves are turning yellow and falling from two of Main Street’s largest and most majestic cottonwoods. I brought it to City Council’s attention during the last regular City Council meeting. Only Torre and J.E. DeVilbiss were willing to hold a public hearing on the matter. Rachel Richards, Mayor Klanderud and Jack Johnson did not want to hear any more on the matter and voted to “let the city” deal with it.Check it out for yourself. The limbs on one of the two “historically protected” Main Street trees were cut to make way for a temporary pedestrian walkway, and both trees’ roots were cut out to make way for a building, which, incidentally, city of Aspen voters overturned by referendum in November 2004. The roots of the two dying trees were intertwined in the root system of the three Australian pine trees which the developer was required by ordinance approving the project to relocate or remove. Instead, the developer gave cash to the city, who then issued a permit to grind those trees into sawdust.When I questioned how the city could go against its own policies to allow those trees to be ground into sawdust and not removed or relocated as required by ordinance, Councilman Jack Johnson’s reply was, “Toni, we did remove those trees … right into the Dumpster!” What’s up with that?Toni KronbergAspen

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