Moore is a bore |

Moore is a bore

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:”Fahrenheit 9/11″ recently passed up “Jackass: The Movie” as the highest grossing documentary ever.That monumentally ironic achievement aside, it seems that the bru-ha-ha over this film is really a tempest in a teapot fueled by conservative talk-show hosts and editorialists who are oddly threatened by its content. I walked in expecting to be dismayed by a magnificently and artfully persuasive propaganda film. It didn’t take long for the mystique to wear off. The movie really consists of two parts: The first half is a litany of six-degrees-of-separation conspiracy theories that have thus far been relegated to the fever swamps of the hard left (and incidentally, largely discredited less than one week after the movie’s release). The second half is primarily a collection of anecdotes – dead children; wounded soldiers; mothers screaming and crying, etc. – deliberately juxtaposed to appeal to the selectively invoked pacifist sensibilities of the filmmaker. In all respects but one, the message of this movie is superficial, sophomoric, confusing and inconsistent. The central theme, on the other hand, couldn’t be more clear: Bush and his administration are agents of secular evil.And in the end, it really doesn’t matter to the Michael Moore simps whether Bush is an ignorant puppet of the Zionists, Saudis, Christian right, Taliban, or neo-cons. For every fan who is too dumb to recognize he can’t be acting on behalf of them all are a hundred who don’t even care. Consistency and coherence come in a distant second to holding fast to the theme. “Fahrenheit 9/11” is, above all, a tedious 1984 “hate” session. (“Bush just sat there for seven minutes looking stupid! HISSSSS!”) The sad part is that its accolades are being sung stateside by those less astute than the illiterate Hezbollah operatives who’ve recently diverted resources from the manufacture of Semtex vests to movie distribution.Nonetheless, I reluctantly encourage all to go and watch this silly movie. If the very sight of Bush’s smirking face makes you angry, you are likely to walk out of the theater (as many have) in a tearful elation inspired by what can only be described as a religious experience. For those who can see through Moore’s mindless bloviating or aren’t burdened with preconceived views one way or another, you are likely to walk out bored.Jay PateSnowmass Village

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