Monumental hypocrite |

Monumental hypocrite

It’s ironic that Machiavelli Ireland and Hershey have borrowed the tactics for their latest pave and develop scheme from Jeffrey Evans.

During the Great Train debate, Evans, by stirring up downvalley hostility, was able to so frighten the local politicians that they decided to consider sane alternative transit options about 10 years after they left office. Whether this tactic works to intimidate the Aspen electorate remains to be seen.

Speaking of Evans: That’s right, Jeffrey, straight shot, No Build. I’ve been imagining what an appropriate description of your behavior would be.

How about … a wasted life, relentlessly agitating to pave and pollute the Roaring Fork Valley, while you yourself live in a valley protected from development by the very people whose nest you seek to foul. A monumental hypocrite.

Richard Gordon


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