Monthly Astrology for September 2004 |

Monthly Astrology for September 2004

Monthly Astrology for September 2004

The month begins with the Sun already in Virgo and nudging Mars all month. While the Sun is in Virgo – until the 23rd, this can come through as lots of nasty criticism of yourself and others leading to arguments and fights or it can be directed to a high-energy path of cleaning up any messes and sloppy details. From the 23rd until October 4 there will still be high energy though it will be directed into social issues and relationships.

The first week also brings Social Spring Cleaning where your life will have non-nurturing people removed, either by you or by them. This is part of the healing process you are in to heal old issues and patterns with parents. Specifically people in your life who are playing out old unhealthy “parent” roles must either leave or change games. It is quite easy to be critical of them, and of your parents. The key is to look for and find what the value of it all was for you. What have you learned? What directions did it propel you to follow? Find the value then make new choices!

You need to do this because you are also connecting with deep old rage and it is easy to “let fly” at anyone who crosses your path and triggers it. You need to feel your anger and yell it into a pillow at the people who deserve/earned it – usually parents! Remember they were doing the best they could do, even if it was not very good!

By the 6th things move into high gear as far as deep and profound criticism / evaluation / assessment / analysis of your family circumstances, lessons, rights and wrongs… of how and where you messed up and they messed up. This can lead down an ugly path of nastiness and recrimination/blame to and at your parents for everything that is not working in you and your life, OR you can take a path where you acknowledge that you were all learning, all playing out your karmic roles to get the lessons and experiences you all needed and NOW can really do an accounting and summary and learn from it all and move on to new ways, choices and paths, new results and much more love and value. It really is up to you!

This IS the lesson of the month…. To face and heal the past with parents, family and how that set your life patterns until now. Now you can break out into a whole new level of personal freedom by healing the past, owning it, valuing it and loving that your Higher Self made it all happen in order to grow you, your Self, your wisdom and knowledge of Life itself.

By the 20th there are some additional energies kicking in that make all of this easier! First you will be getting deep heart opening, healing, growth and power which results in you loving and valuing yourself and your life and its path much more. With that you will be very open to your highest dreams and ideals for you and your life and will see how all that has happened was needed to get you to this moment of your journey.

Your mind is going DEEP to get to the bottom of understanding it all.

On the 23rd the Sun moves into Libra bringing all we have been through the past month into focus in a very personal way, growing our sense of Self, our personal identity and place in the world. We shift focus to our relationships and to the society we live in, to justice and fairness, to adding beauty and creating harmony. We continue to go through great expansion and healing all of which is giving us a much more solid base from which to run our lives.

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