Monthly Astrology for October 2004 |

Monthly Astrology for October 2004

Monthly Astrology for October 2004

We begin the month with FOUR planets in Libra including Jupiter moving into Libra for the next year and one month. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, of higher learning and travel, of removing limits. It is also party time and playfulness in many guises yet has a serious edge too, ruling the law and legal matters as well as our overall life views and philosophies and being in Libra it greatly expands our relationships, and need for love, beauty and harmony in our lives. It is of course particularly significant for Librans, starting a whole new 12 years cycle of expansion so that the next year will bring great rewards and success for them.

As well the next 6 weeks we will have HIGH energy to invest in relationships of all kinds and the first 2 weeks of October we are very open to our dreams and ideals with relationship.

For two weeks from October 10 we will be challenged to think about and re-think our relationship with both our parents and our place with them and how we see them, and see us in terms of them. All of this continues to be very healing of the past and whatever pain and hurt we still carry from childhood and parents. We also at this time will likely feel alone, aloof or detached so as to have more objectivity to see the issues clearly.

At this time we are also going through an intense time of talk and understanding in relationships. Go deep and get the value there!

Now there is also a wonderful paradox in all of this – there is SO much energy and focus on relationships, love etc. that at the same time Venus moves into Virgo for a month on Oct. 4 and this brings up our feelings (and fears!) of loneliness and aloneness. The key is to realize that we ARE alone, in the Buddhist sense of “You take your first breath, you take your last breath and you take every breath in between.” We all travel our own unique special and individual path “alone” but that is different from the feeling of being lonely. We master and finish feeling lonely as we get to know and love and value ourselves.

On the 12th your mind will kick into overdrive as it goes through revolutionary change that allows you to see things with more clarity and understanding. On the 18th this increases with the revolution impacting you directly as well as your mind. There are changes that need to be made now to give you more freedom and to get you updated with where you really are. You will feel more confidence and yet also be hungry to get deeper and get more love and value.

On the 23rd the Sun moves into Scorpio for a month, taking us into deeper feeling realms, getting us to address issues of power, sex, money, trust and for the next week we will be having shifts and changes in these areas, opening us up to new possibilities and better choices, more aligned with who we really are.

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