Monthly Astrology for November 2004 |

Monthly Astrology for November 2004

Monthly Astrology for November 2004

Over the next three weeks you are straining to break out of old prisons and limitations. The problem is that if you do not address this energy directly it can come out in unconscious ways – the two classic ways are to break a bone or crash a car.

Yep, it is strong stuff. I always recommend that people use it to chop wood while yelling out! Why? Because the process is about energy hitting up against something hard, like a wall or a log.

That handles the force of the process then you can more easily assess the changes that are needed in your life and put the energy into making those changes so that you are much more free. These changes will be needed to remove limitations in your relationships, especially with parents – or as a parent.

For months to come there is opening and expansion of your dreams and visions and for the next few weeks that will focus as well on romance, love and artistic visions. This is added to with Venus in Libra from Nov 1 through 24 bringing love, value and beauty to our relationships. You will also have a lot of heart opening to more love and value, of yourself and others, and there is a good chance you will fall in love too! (Especially with yourself and your life!)

In all of this your mind and thinking are going through huge changes and openings to catch up with your new truth and reality.

From the 5th till the 25th there is a lot of really dynamic, almost electrical energy flowing through you. From the 19th that will include a lot of high sexual energy flowing through you as well, and it wants to flow in some new and more exciting directions, so expect to be exploring and experimenting sexually, getting more playful and “kinky” – trying new things, acting out fantasies, roles, techniques etc… whatever you have not done and always wondered about.

This will open you to new levels of intensity and passion (and of course, pleasure!). This will continue until Dec 17 so it will be a hot and steamy month of passion! Note that at the beginning it might take a while to get up to speed as you break through old constraints that kept your sexual passion “under control”. Boring! All of this will also have past-life karmic implications and will likely bring up memories or strong feelings from the past. It could also make sense of certain issues of sexuality and passion from past lives. Be open to that kind of knowledge and information coming through. As well look to ways to bring together your spirituality and sexuality.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd, opening us to higher ideals and the need to expand, grow, travel and get the big picture clear. The last 2 weeks of the month your mind is certainly going into some deep places of new awareness and understanding of all that.

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