Montessori teachers’ fate undecided |

Montessori teachers’ fate undecided

Eben Harrell

Last night’s decision to end Montessori education at Carbondale Elementary has left the fate of the school’s Montessori instructors up in the air. Much depends on an application making its way through the state to found a new Montessori-only public school in Carbondale.If the application is approved, many Montessori teachers will likely move to the new Montessori school when it opens next year. If the application for the school fails, however, it is unclear whether the Montessori teachers will keep their jobs.Board member Michael Bair expressed concern that Montessori teachers may lose their jobs at the Roaring Fork School District meeting last night.”Well that depends on the new charter school,” district Superintendent Fred Wall replied. “If it is approved by the state the teachers will likely go there. But we’ll have to wait to see what happens.”When asked after the meeting about what will happen to the Montessori teachers should the state application fail, Carbondale Elementary School Principal Karen Olson replied, “I don’t discuss staffing issues.”Eben Harrell’s e-mail address is

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