Money stolen from Basalt restaurant |

Money stolen from Basalt restaurant

A burglary and theft at a Basalt restaurant last weekend may be tied to a string of similar incidents at five other Basalt eateries in January and February, according to police.The Riverside Grill was the latest victimized restaurant. It was broken into sometime after closing at midnight Saturday. An undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from a locked container in the office, said Basalt Police Chief Keith Ikeda. It was discovered at 11 a.m. Sunday by employees preparing to open. Ikeda said the amount taken couldn’t be disclosed because of the ongoing investigation. He said no deposit had been made from the receipts of Saturday night.”We’re asking all restaurants to make night deposits and keep a minimum of cash,” he said. If all businesses get in that practice, he said, there is less incentive for burglars.On the night of Jan. 1 or early morning of Jan. 2, two establishments in West Basalt and one in downtown Basalt were burglarized and stripped of cash. Epicurious and Bagel Bites at Orchard Plaza were hit, as was the Basalt Bistro on Midland Avenue. The next month, the Taqueria el Nopal and El Chicano, both near downtown Basalt, were struck.In the latest investigation, police don’t necessarily think the crime is an inside job or involves someone familiar with the Riverside Grill’s operation. Nevertheless, they are interviewing all employees of the establishment to see if they can develop a lead.Scott Condon’s e-mail address is

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