Money budgeted for council filming |

Money budgeted for council filming

Dear Editor:

The City Council’s 2008 budget included money set aside to film all of the regular council meetings and 24 special meetings (work sessions). To date, they have only used one of their budgeted special meetings with GrassRoots TV.

Back in the olden days, when council and Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings were just about roads and mines, there were no regular work sessions. Work sessions came about when the work load just got too big.

The real discussions that shape policy or laws usually occur in work session. The regular board meeting has evolved into consent agenda and legally mandated meetings that require public comment.

Seeing this evolution, both City Council and the BOCC began to budget annually for the cost to air both regular meetings and some of the work sessions. Which work session to film was determined by a suggestion/request from a board member, staff member or the public. Often an applicant or member of the public would point out to the board that a particular subject is high profile and would council have staff arrange for it to be filmed.

My comments are not intended to point any fingers at council members, but to just remind them that they do have this money set aside and to remind everyone why.

Shellie Roy

Treasurer, GrassRoots TV