Monday Sept 29, 2003

With the Sun and Venus in Libra we are very focussed on relationships and social issues. The Moon is in Scorpio so we are wanting to have those relationships be deep, intense and passionate. It is a very complex day with lots happening. You will be feeling isolated and at the same time very intuitive, and will need

space to yourself to check in and collect yourself. This is both emotionally healing and expansive.

You will generally be very psychically and spiritually open for the next two weeks and this includes melting ego boundaries so you can feel quote strange, spaced out, “not yourself” etc. You will be more susceptible to drugs and alcohol, even prescription drugs. Make

sure you get lots of rest and quiet to restore yourself.


Hanukkah has arrived in Aspen

Members of the valley’s Jewish community gathered at the Albright Pavilion at Aspen Meadows Thursday for their second annual menorah lighting ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge the first day of Hanukkah.

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