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Monday June 23, 2003

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer for the next month so we are all more focussed on issues around home and family, nurturing and parenting – of ourselves and others. The Moon is in Aries giving us emotional energy to get things started and the key is to also get them finished! There is HUGE magic “in the air” today with two kites and a mystic rectangle – which is VERY rare – and means in essence that there are magic openings in the Cosmos today that involve feeling your past pain and despair, disillusionment and angst and instead of collapsing or giving up, making a new stand that says you will find new ways to expand your Self, create your visions and live the life you want to have. Today magic happens in the face of courage. It is part of the ongoing process of great revolution and change in the world and today gives all that a huge boost – if you dare to dare to be great

and have a great life!