Monday June 2, 2003 |

Monday June 2, 2003

Monday June 2, 2003

Today is a chatty day on a large scale where all everyone is going to want to do is talk their heads off, chat about everything and nothing, as well as write, chat, talk on the phone, chat and did I mention talk? Both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Gemini, the great communicator (No, Ronald Reagan is not an astrology sign even if his wife saved his life by following it) and as you may have noticed also tends to shoot off on strange and occasionally related tangents. This can of course be extremely disturbing to serious folks who like their words and sentences to follow in some sort of rational pattern whereas butterfly Gemini energy just wants to bounce around the cranium picking up interesting bits of trivia. Its the ultimate trivial pursuit if not contained, its every tipsy society matron babbling on about nothing to all and sundry its… well, you get the picture.

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