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Monday June 16, 2003

This week and the following two are big, huge really, for changes, disruptions and upheavals. So much so that the background noise of these changes will overwhelm the daily and weekly changes that we tend to notice more. These we will continue to address, but bear in mind that the overall energy represents a radical and huge change in our personal lives, so we will also be addressing what change is, how to deal with it, how to handle its disruptions and how best to

glean its metaphysical value and purposes. So we begin this week with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Capricorn, a strange combo that combines energies of light and flight with a more serious and somber tone. This whole week will involve lots of thought about

love, value and beauty as well as dynamic and electric energies. Be VERY careful with electric appliances over the next three weeks. One way or another we will all get zapped so be careful!

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