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Monday January 5, 2004

With the Moon in Gemini and the Sun still in Capricorn you will be doing a LOT of thinking about all sorts of possibilities and permutations of how your newly shaping life can look. You are the designer and architect of the new “home” you are building for

yourself so feel out all the different ideas you have. What life do you ideally want to be living? Find a way, a path, to have THAT! To hell with what you SHOULD have, what others say you should want. The only important question is what is your dream?

Either live your dreams or know that you are not.

Today is an extremely intense day emotionally and intellectually as you are forced to feel deep inside, including into painful places, and your mind is forced to go deep too to try to understand what is going on down there and make sense of it all for you.

This is another powerful level of what is going on as you build your new “life home” / shape / path. You need to be as clear as you can be of ALL of you, of your needs, wants, desires and motivations as well as getting clear about your fears and hurts so you can account for and accommodate them as you progress. Its big, life changing stuff for the New Year folks! Go the distance. I recommend you watch “Field of Dreams” – again if you have already seen it!