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Monday December 15, 2003

The Moon is in Virgo and coming up fast on Jupiter,also in Virgo and I suspect that for a lot of people this will be downright ugly in that it is likely to either bring up deeply held, negative self judgements,

OR bring up parental judgements and condemnations from the past, OR attract negative judgements from other people in the here and now…. none of which will be fun at all. The point – and value – of all this is to get us in touch with HOW we beat ourselves up, how we

undermine ourselves through criticism, so we have a chance to listen to those negative voices to see (and judge!) whether they have any truth NOW. Most of those inner critical voices came from others years ago and never did have anything to do with us and need to be

heard and rejected, erased. Do so. Do not fear your own inner negative voices. IF they are true, then you have a choice about whether you want to DO anything about what is negative in you!