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Monday Aug 25, 2003

Wow, did I say intense? HIGH sexual and creative energies demanding that you take new pathways of exploration and discovery in your sexual life and expression, in your opening of heart and opening to love, and that you let them be combined. You may well

get shown what is stopping you from combining them as well. This may be painful to look at and address, but whatever those old pains – including that you just split sex from love, or you split from deep levels of both – were all created as protection/survival methods

way back when. Well now is a great time to confront

and heal all of that!

As well old structures continue to dissolve so that new ones can be built and the new ones will be incorporating the new spaces you re opening now so that they will become a part of what is normal for


You will no doubt be seriously critical of some of what is coming up in you, and the point is that this is a time to STOP being critical and to accept you deep self. So it is not the new thoughts that need to

be gotten rid of, its your old criticism of those thoughts and behaviors! This energy continues all week.