Moms versus `Moms’ |

Moms versus `Moms’

Have you seen the “Town Mothers” brochures against the Crystal River Marketplace? They depict “Leave it to Beaver”-type, 1950s values of motherhood in an effort to support their new name and image, I suppose. They seem completely out of touch with reality.

Are these real mothers? Carbondale is definitely a special town, but it is not Mayberry and Highway 133 is not Trail Ridge Road. Most of today’s moms are not staying home all day baking cookies and canning preserves.

In this valley, it is the rare and fortunate household that can survive on less than two incomes. We are working, raising children, participating in the community and trying to balance our personal, family and professional lives.

We need convenient shopping for everyday goods. We are not out-of-control consumers. We do not want to see our schools and town services continue to deteriorate. We simply must have the Marketplace tax revenue for the future of our families and community.

Don’t buy the opponents’ unabashed falsehoods, exaggerations and scare tactics. I’ve seen many moms riding the bus to Glenwood with toddlers in tow to shop. I’ve heard of expectant moms driving all the way the Grand Junction to purchase items for their nursery.

I know Carbondale moms who spend two hours a day commuting to work to jobs the Marketplace could provide. I myself have combed the shelves at Kids’ Misers looking for pants in my sons’ sizes. Maybe the Town Mothers should get out into the town and talk to all of these moms.

Amazingly, they don’t even propose another solution. Rest assured the so-called “Town Mothers” do not represent the views of most mothers in Carbondale. We want more for Carbondale.

Make no mistake, the “Town Mothers” and Mountain Folks will hear from the rest of the town’s mothers and other concerned citizens loud and clear on July 15.

Laurel Lamont