Moms or MHOMS? |

Moms or MHOMS?

As mothers, The Carbondale Mothers are guilty of the same effects on local community as The Crystal River Marketplace.

Will the children of “The Mothers” not grow up and contribute to traffic congestion? Will these children not need homes of their own someday? Where will these homes be built? On what is now open space, of course. Will these children add to the population of small towns? Of course they will.

I am sorry, but basing a group with a “smart-growth” agenda on the functionality of their collective uteruses is just plain hypocritical. “The Mothers” are squeezing out more humans into an already crowded world. The merits of their arguments are cast in a shadow of doubt by the contradictions of their actions.

If you don’t want a mall in your back yard, fine. But let’s be honest; it is NIMBYism. If your concerns are truly about growth, then motherhood is not the solution – it is part of the problem.

Your reproductive capabilities lend little or no merit to your views, I’d suggest a change in name.

As far as your concerns over the burden to taxpayers for the improvements that ARE ALREADY NEEDED on Highway 133, please keep in mind that every child you have is an added burden to the public infrastructure, while simultaneously giving a tax break to you, their parent.

Should I add that your children will receive a public education paid for by taxpayers who, in many cases, do not even have children. So “Carbondale Mothers” and mall developers both tend to profit at the expense of taxpayers.

Again, the evidence would suggest that your reproductive status is contrary to your arguments. Therefore, in keeping with your current name, and with respect to the “charming” small-town character of Carbondale, I would presume to suggest a new name on the order of:

Mobile Homes Only, no Malls. Or the acronym M.H.O.M.s …

Marco Diaz


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