Mom needs to grow up |

Mom needs to grow up

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Frontier Airline employees working at the Aspen Airport, I feel compelled to respond to the editorial piece entitled “Frontier’s customer service has miles to go,” written by Meredith C. Carroll.

As shocking as this might be to Mrs. Carroll, many of these employees are also mothers; one of them being my mother. In fact, the Frontier employees at the Aspen airport alone collectively have 38 children. As far as I know there is no rule at Frontier about having or not having children; at least it was not part of my mother’s interview/application process as a customer service agent.

There is a rule however about motherhood, and it is basically – kids get sick. In fact, all the time. They throw up, they have runny noses, they break bones, miss school, bring home head lice, get diarrhea, ringworm, chickenpox, measles, run fevers, break out in rashes, get cavities, earaches, pink eye, scrapes, scabs, viruses, colds – they are virtually little Petri dishes in and of themselves.

We all wish we had a rule book given to us in the delivery room. Moms all over the world have learned to put their big girl panties on and keep going, with or without village assistance. To trash an entire group of employees because one passenger was not able to be re-accommodated when her child got sick is self indulgent to say the least. Oh, and children due to their limited vocabulary sometimes us the “F” word. But, that’s when they get their mouths washed out with soap.

Holly Devine


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