Molechaser mystery |

Molechaser mystery

Dear Editor:Here is bit of good news about a person or persons in the Aspen area. On or about Aug. 30, late in the day, a Molechaser was forcibly removed from the Mining and Ranching Museum of the Aspen Historical Society, located on the Holden-Marolt property. There is a problem on the property with pocket gophers. Two years ago, this Molechaser was purchased by myself and installed on the east side of the Holden-Marolt barn. It seemed to be successful in discouraging the gophers from making their home on that embankment. So this spring, a second Molechaser was purchased for the property, with lesser results. On Sept. 7, the Molechaser and pole were returned to the property intact! Personally I wish to thank the person or persons involved and hope that their conscience will guide them in any future temptations of similar nature.Fred UhlerAspen

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