Mobilizing for mud |

Mobilizing for mud

Dear Editor:

As many of you know, on the afternoon of May 11 a mudslide ran through Buttermilk Mountain’s vehicle shop. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, though the scene was quite a mess. We are grateful for the amazing support and response we received from the community.

Aspen Skiing Co. would like to express its profound thanks to everyone at the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, in particular Ron Baar, who was on scene when it happened; Rick Ballentine, Pete Vorhees and everyone else who showed up. Their help securing the scene and helping shut down gas and electricity was invaluable.

Thanks also to Holy Cross Energy and Sourcegas for their prompt response, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado State Patrol for offering its services, Rose Ann Sullivan from Pitkin County’s environmental health department and Pitkin County Public Works for providing gravel with which to contain oil that spilled as a result of the slide. We also thank the BM vehicle shop employees and shop manager Don Mushet for responding so effectively to this incident.

Rich Burkley

vice president, mountain operations, Aspen Skiing Co.


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