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Mixed priorities

Dear Editor:

I read about our “nonexistent” gang problem rearing its ugly head again. Nice to know there’s teenage gang punks with guns running around stealing from Aspen to New Castle. Illegal alien punks with guns. Illegal immigrant advocates say these are the sort of children and families who should be made to feel safe in our communities.

Are the families of these murderous miscreants here legally? If not, they should be apprehended and deported, posthaste! Do the illegal alien barrios want to feel safe so they can harbor gang commerce? One must know the Mexican gangs make millions supplying the nose candy for this area. I bet stealing cars was just some kind of initiation for those punks to get into the Sureno gang. But heck, everyone has a right to feel safe, right?

However, somebody ought to tell that gun-toting 14-year-old gang-banger about Colorado’s make-my-day law. He’s lucky the cops and not the coroner were called.

Bruno Kirchenwitz