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Dear Editor:Last week I forwarded a letter to the editor on behalf of my friend Case (H. K. Ronde), in which he wrote thanking his friends for their ongoing support as he heals from a two-year battle with melanoma. His journey has taken him to Chile, where he received an experimental Oncobiomed vaccine, and then on to Delhi, India, where human embryonic stem cells (HESC) were administered to him for one month. Case is excited to share that a recent Pet-CT scan reported no new tumors, and the tumors in his abdomen havent increased in size since February. This is incredible news. He asks that his supporters send him positive vibrations for his continued healing. Visit http://www.curecase.com.As a side note, and to prevent any further misunderstanding, I (Amanda Boxtel) am really well. I do not have melanoma it is my friend Case who is fighting this battle, and he is winning! In fact, since my most recent visit to India for my fifth HESC treatment in 22 months, I am now stronger than ever and full of life. My left leg is slightly stronger and I hope to reap the benefits as I continue with my intense therapy regimen. Since my first stem cell treatment in 2007, I now have increased sensation with light touch and deep tingling all the way to my toes; my bladder is beginning to function again; and I have increased muscle power in my legs. I am able to walk on my knees, and I can now lift from a squatting position. I am able to rise up out of my wheelchair and walk with the use of leg braces and a walker.Human embryonic stem cell therapy is not a revolutionary promise for the future of medicine it is happening now. A network of individuals from our community and around the U.S. are benefiting from Dr. Geeta Shroffs treatment. Case Ronde is yet another fine example. HESCs help fight cancer too! Billions of dollars are directed worldwide to tap into the power of embryonic stem cells. The huge profit potential combined with ethics, ego, and power makes it easy to dismiss a small private hospital in Delhi led by an innovative doctor who isnt bound to prevailing ideas or biomedical institutions. Am I walking yet? No. I am living a fine dance between acceptance and hope. I am grateful for every iota of new sensation and increased muscle power that has been restored to my limbs. It is tough being a pioneer, yet I would not trade one moment, even the worst moment, for all that I have gained. I visualize every pure embryonic cell gestating from a perfect state that God spark manifesting perfection throughout my physical body. I do not know the divine potential of these human embryonic stem cells. It is life giving me life. I am grateful beyond words and thankful to our community for your belief in me and my journey. Amanda BoxtelBasalt