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Missing the Tour

Dear Editor:

I do not know about you but I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms having watched the Tour de France – or as the admirable, snaggled-tooth Durango-based commentator Bob Roll calls it, “the tor di france.” Who can forget Contador losing his teammate Kloden on a climb and the looking back to see what happened to him? And Lance – oh bravo, Lance – you are our sunshine.

The one thing I won’t miss are the commercials, which were incessant. If I had to listen to that Cadillac woman talk once more about her bottom I would barf. And the Geico cave men. They remind me of people I used to see routinely in Greenwich Village in the ’60s. I am very fond of the gecko and would like to see that guy who wants to test trust fall on his head. But the Tour itself – wonderful!

Jeremy Bernstein


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