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Missing the point

Mick Ireland did not understand what I said; he condemned my family, and he found me guilty by association. For brevity’s sake, I’ll let my family defend themselves (all 62 members, following a full spectrum of beliefs and politics).

I can only hope that in Mick’s attempt to destroy my credibility, he destroys some of his own. Honesty is important to me.

Points to note:

The swath in Redstone was just that, a swath. It is NOT another “Leadville.” I did not advocate ignoring it, but dealing with it without the rhetoric.

My question is not whether voters support enforcement of land-use rules, but how much should the public tolerate when the government regulates with a “heavy hand” (as recommended by the editors of The Aspen Times), and dictates the minutia of our lives? This applies to right-wing and left-wing governments both. At what point does one rebel against unjust laws?

I am not defending any individual’s acts of defiance, but I am empathetic to the emotions behind the actions. I know Mick would not tolerate illegal and deceptive behavior if it were perpetrated by someone without money.

That’s my point. “The rich” can maneuver more easily through county regulation because they have money. This would apply to Hines as well as Andlinger. Hines is a professional developer, and he knows how to get what he wants.

I don’t believe anyone has a license to lie. Nor do I think anyone should have the right to bully individuals or co-workers. I believe, when Mick wanted a minute to summarize his views of a right-wing book, he had already harangued everyone at length about the politics of trophy homes and war in Iraq. How much of a meeting should one commissioner dominate?

I have not laughed, snickered or disrupted any meeting with Mick Ireland. And I certainly have not promised one thing and done another.

The point of my letter was to criticize The Aspen Times for taking advantage of their position in order to push their agenda, and to make a plea that human beings be considered in the zoning process along with environmental factors.

The county could reconsider its use fees and cudgel of regulation that keeps its machine running smoothly. With a few real incentives, the county might be able to protect scenic, untouched land and be fair to people.

Marj Perry

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