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Missing May

Dear Editor:I have to agree wholeheartedly with the letter to the editor in today’s (Sunday, Nov. 12, 2006) Aspen Times Weekly by T and J Korte. What is up with this online registration hooey to read an article? Just because a big corporation bought up the paper doesn’t mean it has to do everything like the big boys/girls. Even most of the larger papers I have visited online have a very simple online registration – age and zip code. I refuse to do it, and do you know what that means, advertisers? It means I don’t see your ads! I have brought this topic up among friends, and they have said the same thing or that they fill it out with all kinds of bogus info. So, not only does this piss off the reader, but you also get erroneous information to boot. Not exactly what advertisers want to see or hear about.If you feel you must have some type of online registration, keep it short and simple. I will only give name, age, rank and serial number!As far as the second part of their letter, I couldn’t agree more. Where in the heck is Mountain Mayhem? Let’s see, didn’t Mary get her start the same way? As it looks as though May has left the paper (no longer in the employee directory), then find someone else to fill her spot, or get her back. Not to take anything away from Mary, we all love her fine work in the papers. But I miss May’s column greatly. She wrote about “our people.” I don’t think it will cost you much to run an ad to fill the vacancy.Daniel C. MacEncletusGlenwood Springs Editor’s note: Mountain Mayhem no longer appears in the Times Weekly, but does appear every Saturday in The Aspen Times.

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