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Missed opportunity

Dear Editor:

As usual, I enjoyed Tony Vagneur’s column last Saturday morning. He made a very good point.

So, his family’s old ranch is currently listed for $88 million, huh.

Well, my family’s old ranch used to consist of what is now the Aspen municipal golf course, Marolt Open Space, and a Vagneur-ranch-size chunk of Meadowood.

Anyone want to venture what that land is worth?

The point, obviously, is that I could have been richer than Tony could have been. That goes for all the Stapeltons, Clappers, Deans, Gerbazes, Stutsmans, Madelones, Caparellas, Moores, Popishes, Pierces, Benedicts, Pfisters, Linzas, Steins, Spences, and Conners around here, too … well, maybe not the Conners.

Anyway, here’s to keeping the pecking in order!

Roger Marolt

Snowmass Village

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