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Misplaced sensitivities

I assume Stefan Edlis, who wrote that Palestinian victims require ambulances as do Jewish victims, obviously shares Israel’s concern for its Arab neighbors.

However, what he is unaware of is that Israel’s eight-year record of diplomacy and accommodation toward individuals – and societies – bearing a proven record of hostility and hate, and an unproven record of trustworthiness, has resulted in Palestinian violations of humanitarian sensitivities beyond shock.

Two examples are the use of ambulances – supplied by Israel, the U.S., the United Nations, the European Unions and others – to transport suicide bombers and the dispatch of children to provoke and assault peacekeeping Israeli soldiers on patrol.

Additionally, the overwhelming majority of Palestinian dead and wounded perished while engaged in riot acts, terrorism or other violations of law and order, while Israeli babies, seniors and mothers have been viciously murdered while living daily life.

Israel gave everything, got nothing, and now acts against the Palestinians terrorism, its trust utterly shattered. We support this. Mr. Edlis’ laudable sensitivities are supremely misplaced.

Rabbi Mendel Mintz, Director

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